My Super-Secret Special Sauce

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There’s nothing much more everyday American than BBQ. Well, maybe BBQ on the 4th of July. There’s something really patriotic about going above and beyond to make your BBQ get-together stand out.

Barbecuing in the summer

When it comes to BBQ, the standard staple of any family is the hamburger and hot dog combo. Our go-to for either of these has always been French’s Classic Yellow mustard. I’ve known this since I was just a wee lad. Its flavor is 100% natural and created using #1 grade mustard seeds with nothing artificial. Chelsea – being the super health conscious mother that she is – has eliminated a number of condiments from our fridge due to undesired ingredients. My French’s still stands, though! Score. Plus, it’s gluten-free. She likes that, too.

Special sauce on a bun

One key way to stand out at the BBQ is making your own sauces. I learned at a young age that you can use French’s mustard and ketchup to make a number of other ‘special’ ingredients. I’m telling you, I don’t know who doesn’t know yet, but that “secret sauce” from that hamburger joint ain’t so secret. It’s never made sense to me why they keep calling it that. I’m not looking to keep any secrets here, so I’ll spill it. With just a few spices, I’ll let you know how to make one of the quick French’s-based sauces that I first impressed Chelsea with.

Barbecued burger spread with sacues

I call this the ‘stuff I thought up while cooking for Chelsea in college’ sauce. Actually, this was something I learned from cooking with my mom growing up. I learned a great deal from her and from personally tasting ALL the spices in the spice rack. Yes, all of them. With this, I also eventually learned about flavor combinations and diffusion of flavor in a medium. This is when certain spices leach their flavor out after sitting together all mixed up creating a more potent total flavor.


First, I collect my ingredients started with a bottle of French’s Classic Yellow mustard. I get a jar of a good quality mayonnaise, chipotle chili powder, dill, a bowl and a spoon. With just these ingredients, I make a fantastic sauce that’s great for hamburgers and just about anything else grilled. Especially grilled chicken. I almost forgot…its also great for fries. Oh, and fish. The ratio is essentially as follows but can be done to taste.

Special sauce

Secret Sauce

This secret sauce ain't so secret anymore.


  • 1 cup mayonnaise
  • 1/4 cup French's Classic Yellow mustard
  • 1 Tbsp chipotle chili powder
  • 1 Tbsp dried dill


  • Mix thoroughly.
  • Refrigerate two hours.

This creates a zesty blend that is sure to add an edge to an already awesome American classic. Of course, if you have picky little creeps like Minion and Sidekick, there’s always French’s Tomato Ketchup. Again, this is Chelsea approved as it’s created with French’s same high standard and uses no High Fructose Corn Syrup. That stuff’s no good for those little monsters who seem to get more ON their face as opposed to inside their mouth anyway.

Putting ketchup on burgers

What’s more, it’s made with U.S. farm grown tomatoes.


Kids on 4th of july

So, if you’re feeling just a little adventurous and creative, try my special sauce.

What’s going on your burgers and dogs this 4th of July?


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